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Roger Plymale

Roger Plymale is the newest and most amazing addition to Finnigan Note!

His original artwork is stunning, moving, insightful and deep.  From Coog's adventures fighting The Dark with John his human partner you can see the intensity of their travels and trials and wear them and be a partner in their adventures.


February was created from a dark day that exploded into unstpoppable rich work that goes beyond spectacular.  The detail is worth studying and appreciating for it's depth and fascination factors alone.

With Birth, the mouthless babe conveys the silent wisdom of the ages coming into existence on this Earth Plane.  Innocence and marvelous life captured as if in slow motion.

Birth by Roger Plymale Finnigan Note

With Tea Party the insane fun of being here on planet Earth is caught in this timeless inked print - who doesn't love the crazy of life itself? 

Let us know your favorites, and tag Roger on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to say hi and thank you for being in the family!


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