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Write Your Love - Jace Lenfert's Father

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For my first post I couldn't write about products and paper.  They are the medium we create and share for you.  Gifts from nature for us to live our dreams on the pages of when we add ourselves to them.  Our lives are filled with moments to write the Love we feel for anything and one another, and we all cherish those reminders of how much we mean to someone. 

When thinking of what to write, I remembered the news story of Jace Lenfert's father and reached out to ask if I could share his story here for our opening blog post because his father brings the meaning we are all here for to the forefront of any Finnigan Note endeavor: I love you.  Jace kindly said I could and is glad it is inspiring other people.  Thank you, Jace!

Jace's dad put several Birthday cards aside in a bank box before he died for his wife to send to Jace on his Birthdays as he grew up.  Over the years his mother would send them, and five years had gone by when she handed Jace a 30th Birthday card with his father's signature on it.  A simple note with infinite meaning.

"I was overwhelmed with emotion. I immediately teared up and it was hard to speak," he said.

Whether you scrawl a line on the torn out corner of a page, a napkin, brown paper bag from the bakery or inside someone's favorite book - the written messages we give to each other are precious parts of our stories and often touch the other person in ways we may never imagine.  They keep us going, too - we each are full of the desire to give and receive our appreciation of life together. 

Thank you, Mr. Lenfert, and thank you, Jace for sharing your story, and letting me post it here.  Love is a powerful gift.  Mr. Lenfert reminds us all how important it can be to allow a simple gesture of the soul and pen grow into an inspiration for the world.  

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