Shine your love and be as crazy happy as possible
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About Us



At Finnigan Note we work with and for the people who Art life - it's a verb and a state of being for us and we hope for you, too.  We showcase artists, help promote their work, and partner with businesses, causes and groups to help them with their missions.  The Universe is full of endless beauty -
wear it, share it, spread it because it is you.

From the great beauty of the Universe to simple designs and new artists.  We add new items as we find the ones we feel will resonate with you and your lifestyle.

If you love having fun, creating and discovering more ways to share ideas we appreciate you being here with us and spreading the love.

Every day is full of opportunities to enjoy something that makes your heart sing, feel a little more joy, note something amazing that happened to you or a great idea and put down on paper insights and synchronicities happening all day long. 

It's also an endless day of ways to know how much we love serving you, and give you more and more ways to show yourself how wonderful you are - yes, we are those weird people spreading the Love with you, thank you for being in on it with us.

~ Finnigan Note