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Roger Plymale

Artist Roger Plymale

Hi!  My name is Roger L. Plymale Jr and I'm an artist from Columbus, Ohio. 
I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. . .

In middle school and high school I was always drawing , and attended Saturday morning art classes at CCAD (Columbus College of Art & Design).  Now, I'm a self published comic artist. I have published 3 comics of my scifi/horror series Cogg and the forth issue is being worked on now. (links below)

I do concept art, inked and scifi comic, for a local production called Chambered. I have created some art and written a short story for book them to release as well.

I draw everyday and I do various side drawings and tattoo designs as well. 

More coming soon, thank you again for stopping in and supporting my work! ~ Roger

Roger Plymale Finnigan Note

Cogg Roger Plymale Finnigan Note

Cogg Issue#1: This is the issue that starts it all!  Meet John a human Slacker from Earth and Cogg an alien warrior. . .Click on the image to purchase.

Cogg #2 Roger Plymale Finnigan Note

In this issue, we get to know John and Cogg a little bit more, along with finally seeing the enemy threat. . .Click on the image to purchase.

Cogg #3 Roger Plymale Finnigan Note

John and Cogg have captured by The Dark but there are others looking for him.