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Cloud Love Notes Notebook


These little blank notebooks are for leaving anonymous little notes of inspiration everywhere you go.

Just jot down something you'd like to find, tear it out and put it somewhere someone else will find it - the grocery store, a car windshield, the post office, in your friend's pocket, your child's lunch box or even on the side of the street - just spread the Love everywhere you go and remember to take a photo and upload it to the web.  You can hashtag #WorldLoveNote so we can find your notes and the person who finds it can thank you, too!  Follow us on @WorldLoveNote on Twitter & Instagram.

60+ sheets for you to create and inspire people everywhere you want to leave a note.

Choose a cover design that inspires you, and our note to you is on the back cover. 

Spread the Love, share the Love, drop Love Notes everywhere!

Shipping for US only, flat rate, shipping included :)

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